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Our ideas are not a matter of chance,
our ideas are calculated

We unite the strengths of our team as one hive
and go for the same goal, honey.

Chris Zagales

Founder - CEO

Entrepreneur that started as a digital nomad. He has been evolving in this digital world since 2009. In the early years he started his entrepreneurial journey by building a few businesses for himself through the knowledge he had acquired in the digital space.

With his passion to help planet conservation, the first few brands he created were with that purpose. In 2013 he launched his first brand that was called Watt Patrol. An energy saving company that sold solar panels and LED lighting amongst other products. Until this day, the products sold by the company are still saving watts. With an estimated 10 years of lifespan, these products have saved close to 3 billion watts to date. Having Airbus as one of the company's most recognized clients. With the knowledge acquired in the industry he developed a patent-pending for a solar powered beach tent in 2015 called Turtle Tent. This brand not only helped you charge your phone or speaker with energy from the sun but was associated with Billion Baby Turtles Non-Profit where 2 baby sea turtles were saved through donations made from each sale.

Danny Timiraos

Creative Chief Officer

High-Energy and Trend Setting Creative Marketer and Business Development Professional. Daniel's career began in the hospitality & entertainment industry. While working alongside some of the industry's biggest operating companies, Daniel grew one of Miami’s most robust VIP networks. Daniel’s first 10 years of his career were in the hospitality industry, where he operated & marketed several top tier clubs and restaurants. After the industry roles, Daniel decided to take on Los Angeles and serve as a marketing director for several alternative medicines brands and led them to tremendous growth in brand awareness and captured market share.

With a dying passion for pioneering brands into new or hot markets and putting together next level teams to support those ventures, and with a thirst for a challenge, he opened up his own self funded agency. Danny partnered with Chris Zagales, a successful digital entrepreneur to create and launch 300bees, a digital growth marketing agency. While focusing on putting the highest level experts in their best suited role, we strive to be named as one of the top boutique digital marketing agencies in the world.

Duvan Piñeros

Creative Director

I am Duvan Piñeros, Colombian Art Director, born in Armenia, Quindío, the colombian land of coffee, grown up between mountains, inspired by the colors of nature and the infinite birds and flowers of my region, self-taught with great capacity for learning and a big desire to eat the whole world. Lover of graphic arts in all their expressions, passionate about art direction and branding, I like the letters and their forms, the games and their movements, advertising and how to sell. I had the good fortune to work and learn from many fields of applied graphic arts to go with cross-cutting ideas about them.

Passionate and crazy about detail, this madness also leads me to try to do things out of the box, I love to learn, discuss and contribute as much as I can in working groups, I am a true believer of teamwork and if a good mind can do great things, several well-coordinated minds do incredible things.

Valentina Hoyos Rojas

Content Strategist

Journalist born in Colombia. Writing and creating content are two of my biggest passions and fortunately what I do for a living. I like imagining worlds with my creativity and then bring them to life with my habilities. I’ve been lucky enough to work in several and very different industries (TV, startups, entrepreneurial world..) so I try to integrate every aspect I’ve learned into what I do.

I love literature, nature, fashion design and sports. Yes , I Know that is a very rare mix of things, and so am I! 😊.

Jose Alzate

Junior Graphic Designer

Manuel Paez

Junior Graphic Designer

Ing Andres Peña

Web Developer

Kike Rincon

Photographer and producer

Byron Giraldo


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