It's high time to shatter the traditional mold and look at life through a fresh lens!

Get ready for disruption, creativity, and self-confidence that come with being true to each brand. We impact by cultivating powerful ideas, not hesitating to bring different perspectives into play - in versatile ways.

It's not just about creating another brand. It's about creating an entire universe.

We want to reach new heights by unlocking limitless potential through innovation! Brands that believe that the best way to connect is to reveal yourself to the world as you are!

Join us in this mission: create a better tomorrow with true imagination at its helm.




Danny Timiraos


Gus Restrepo

Art Director

Juan Castillo

Art Director

Riccardo Mucelli

3D / CGI Designer

Andrés Peña

Lead Developer

Jhoseline Ripoll

Project Manager

Bayron Giraldo

Content creation Photo / Video

Carlos Quevedo

Graphic Designer

Leandro Díaz

Graphic Designer

Manuel Páez

Graphic Designer

Yuriko Larios

UX / UI Designer

Paula Ortiz

UX / UI Designer

Kevin Urrea

Web Developer

Homero Bracamonte

Web Developer

Jerónimo Montoya

Marketing Coordinator

Andrea Núñez

Graphic Designer

Luisa Galeano


Ana Valencia

Human Resources Specialist

Valeria Olier

Executive Assistant

Carolina Vargas

3D Designer

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Our branding service is here to help you unearth your brand's unique personality and make it shine. With our team of experts, we'll work with you to create a message that not only connects with your audience but leaves a lasting impression.

Consultancy, Brand Guidelines, Visual Identity, Logo, Packaging, Printed Matter, Graphic Design.


Our content creation service will help you bring your brand to life through engaging and creative video productions. From concept development to scripting, filming, and editing, our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your video is of the highest quality and aligned with your brand messaging.

Fotography, Videography, 3D Motion/Graphics, Illustration.


From creating the perfect website to developing a strong social media presence, our team of experts is ready to take on any challenge. Whether it's managing campaigns or optimizing your search engine results, we've got the tools and expertise to help you succeed.

Social Media Content Planning, Campaigns, Web Development, SEO, Ads Management.