What is the contribution of Big Data in Digital Marketing?

Big Data is a term that has been around for decades. In digital marketing, it allows marketers to know how customer behavior is. Use it for collecting, classifying, and analyzing data to make great marketing strategies and campaigns. But what is big data? Big data is a volume of information that arrives daily in a […]

Reflex and mirrorless cameras: Pros and cons

The substantial difference between reflex and mirrorless cameras is the way they capture images. The first one, also called DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) has a mirror system that takes the light that comes through the lens and exposes the photo (darker or lighter). The later one,  mirrorless cameras, as their name states, are cameras […]

The importance of a concept in an image

Well… let’s agree to disagree.  Being an Art Director and a person who practically lives from the image, time has taught me that words have a lot of power. They turn out to be equally or even more powerful than a good image. But why?  I remember my college days. Back in the day, I […]