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Our software manages all your business data that is displayed in the top 100 directories used by consumers every day. Puts you in control of your listings and not the publishers.

  • Data Cleansing – Clean up all the inconsistencies in your business listings. Name, address, and phone number are just a few of the things Beelisting can correct for you. 

  • Global Data Management – Search is done by different languages, our multi-lingual feature lets local customers search in there native language.

  • Duplicate Listings Suppression – Having more than one listing in a directory is not only confusing to your customers but to search engines. Find and suppress duplicate listings with one click.

  • Enhanced Content – custom fields like a menu that only show up on listings powered by us.

  • Menu Management – updating your restaurant’s menu across all your listings can be hectic. Not only have a quick an easy way update but have an intelligent menu that will help you come out in search results for any item on it.

  • Voice Search Optimization – By 2020 50% of search will be done by voice. Be ahead of your competitors by having your content voice friendly.


Ranking in local search results has a unique formula that in big part has a lot to do with how your business information is shown online. Our Beelisting software in your best friend when it comes to Local SEO. It handles everything from your customer reviews to the keywords your customers use to find you online.

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