Be the first: Optimizing Search Engines

Nobody wants to be the second choice. That’s obvious. And In the world of internet and social media, it is of the utmost importance to be the first. This way you are sure of being seen and have the upper hand.  To be seen means you are visited and are selling, it also means that you have loyal followers. But let’s take one step at a time.

It is possible to be the first, the very first on the list of options that opens the search engines when we are trying to find information on the internet by using SEO, (Search Engine Optimization}. SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Positioning, which can be translated as Search Engine Positioning or Optimizing Search Engines. It’s a strategy which enhances your web page amongst thousands competing to motivate the first click from the avid user for information.

The SEO  (Search Engine Optimization)

There is as much technology as there is workmanship behind SEO. We could say that being in the first place depends on your keywords, true, but this first place could be just for a second because although you use strong word combinations and structures, the users will pass you by when they open the page and find repetitive,  boring and useless information.

Your weak content will cause the users to visit your web site mainly through paid advertising or publicity (Search Engine Marketing, known as SEM), which is totally valid and legal, but it won’t have been through SEO that promotes an organic search: the classic action of being confronted by an empty box and writing what you want to find letter by letter.

So, if we want to be the first using the SEO strategy, and also by using the keywords we must develop a certain reputation, a certain expertize in the way we make sure we’ve seized the opportunity, by being the first consulting source not only by our positioning but also by the quality of our content.

Furthermore, we must show competence in developing the shared content, which must also be relevant: that is, we must be sure that what we say or show is useful to our user or visitor, and that we provide assurance and recommendations and, above all, achieve their loyalty so that they will always come back to us for more.

So yes, the SEO offers us the possibility of being the first, it can make us feel victorious and even envied by our skill in the use of magnificent, eloquent, and pertinent keywords that strengthen our advantage with the relevance of our content, but to reach the top and stay there is only possible with a group of creative experts.

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