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Well… let’s agree to disagree. 

Being an Art Director and a person who practically lives from the image, time has taught me that words have a lot of power. They turn out to be equally or even more powerful than a good image. But why? 

I remember my college days. Back in the day, I thought the image was the most important thing. It was very important to me to create stunning images with great visual value so a brand or art could convey a powerful message. After hundreds of meetings with marketing directors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, I have been able to see the importance of words in an image.

Whether it’s behind, in front of, or just surrounding it, it’s about a concept, not just random words. It’s about a crystal clear idea that connects people with that image in a very deep way. In the end, that’s the only way an image can fulfill its objective which is always quite clear for everyone, and that’s SELLING. 

This moment was an epiphany for me. It was an eye-opener. My whole concept of the image changed so much, that I started viewing it as the complement to a stronger, conceptual and argumentative work. 

Like so, I’ve begun to evangelize with my work, talking about my images supported by a few slides of research and text. A very powerful resource not only for me but for my clients, who will comprehend the design presented as the result of very meticulous and investigative work that allows their products to connect with the final customer. It’s a process where the image can do its thing, but it is an image with purpose, it is an image with history, with a DNA so strong that the result is always as powerful as all its conceptualization and construction. 

Today more than ever I firmly believe that to sell a product or service you need more than a good designer. What you need is someone willing to dig deeper, to understand your brand and product from its very core, even more than the owner does. What you are looking for is some sort of archaeologist of information that can come up with unthinkable but powerful, creative concepts capable of connecting your brand’s soul with your clients. This, alas, will translate as a very clear purchase decision. 

Our team is more than a bunch of people who do their job very well. We are a group of empathetic people focused on what is important for the brand, leaving behind artistic egos so we can deliver a product that makes our clients grow. In the end, I think a thousand words sell more than a powerful image.

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